Science and Art

4 Nov

Our first full week of school since the Holidays was a mixture of rain and sunshine, hugs and kisses, science and art.

We first explored how painting with feathers differed from painting with brushes. The Chickadees quickly realized that painting with feathers is much more delicate work. They each held the feathers gently while making wispy strokes to the page.

Once the rain stopped we went out to look for our next paintbrushes. We collected leafs, and branches and found that painting with them was a precise job. Some children found that painting with sticks was a little more challenging than a brush, but it was still a lot of fun!


Something that has had the Chickadees devotion this week has been water beads. First, we put the tiny beads in water then we watched as they grew bigger and bigger. We touched them as they grew and now we find the texture to be squishy and wet. We love putting our hands in them, squeezing them until they break, seeing the beads bounce and filling as many containers as possible. A big thanks to the mom who brought them in!


We are such a fun class who absolutely adore one another and are quickly becoming a class full of characters.

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