Fall in the Hummingbirds

3 Nov

Hello Hummingbird Families. We hope you enjoy all of the wonderful moments we were able to capture and share with you.

Each morning we like to begin with a group activity as well as let the children discover the classroom.  They may start out at the art project and then investigate their favorite toy. Often, the children like us to color or BINGO paint with them.


So far we have used canvas, cardboard, and thick paper.  All of these mediums allow the children to see how the crayons and markers can look and feel different.  You may notice a few children gluing some shapes.  This was a very popular project, lasting almost 20 minutes!!

Hummingbirds love outdoor play and especially dipping, sitting and sometimes attempting to drink the puddles.  The best part of rainy day recess has to be changing their clothes when we come inside.  Have you ever seen several toddlers running around in their diapers? Well, its darn cute.


The children are beginning to process how their feet fit on pedals, it’s better to climb up the play structure holding on, the slide can be fast or slow, and many new revelations.  They are very intrigued by the falling leaves and the natural world we can see from looking into the forest.  We pretend to see animals and make their sounds.


We continue to have a great time in my gym with Morah Ryan! The kids have so much fun playing with the toys he sets out, finding their way through mazes he builds for them, and trying new activities that help with balance and fine motor control.

Celebrating the holidays with the kids has been so wonderful. We have made apple prints, had snack in the Sukkah, pretended to blow the shofar by making one out of our hands, and learned to shake the lulav and etrog. Shabbat sing a long and singing with mini torahs are always a great time in the Hummingbird class.

Their play speaks for itself. It puts a smile on our face every day and continues to make us laugh and enjoy the uniqueness  of each child.

The hummingbirds absolutely love circle time. They are constantly singing songs throughout the day that we learn together. It is a great time for extra snuggles, a chance for us to ask the kids what they want to sing, and a perfect way to start and finish each day.



Eli, Julia, and Ronisha

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