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Loveable, adorable, hummingbirds

29 Nov

Wow, we can’t believe Thanksgiving has already past! What a fantastic few months we have had so far. The Hummingbirds are growing up so quickly and we are so thrilled to show you our newest pictures. We hope you enjoy these moments of exploration, creativity, learning, bonding, word explosions, and so much more. A big welcome to two wonderful new students who just joined our class!

The hummingbirds love playing in the classroom. Their minds are expanding every day so we are constantly changing around the toys to better suit their wants and needs. Look at all those smiling faces, they are too cute!

Whether it’s in the classroom, in the nest, or with Morah Stella, the Hummingbirds LOVE to read! We even had a special visit from one of the Eagles who read some wonderful books to us!

Above, we celebrated one of the hummingbirds birthdays with some snacks and a few books, donated to our classroom by his family.  Everyone loves outside time! Bikes, balls, cars, running, climbing, and bubbles! . What isn’t there to like!?

Real or fake, the hummingbirds love their food! They even enjoy sweeping the floor after eating!

We have a new addition to our classroom… the box! The kids absolutely love using their imagination and hiding in the box. Where oh where are you!?

The Hummingbirds are continuing their love of music. They look forward to Shabbat sing a long all week and play instruments everyday in the classroom. We love hearing them sing the Shabbat and circle time songs throughout every day!

We have such a great time in the Gym every morning with the rest of the EC. The hummingbirds love playing basketball, throwing frisbees, exploring with cones and rings, and of course,  hanging out with siblings!

With so much rain lately, we have been spending a lot of time in the nest. The kids love playing with the puppets, the rocking toys, the train set, and whatever else they can find. One of their favorite parts of the nest is when the chickadees come to play with us!

My gym keeps getting more and more exciting. Moreh Ryan introduced a bubble machine, new balls, and even scooters!!! The kids can hardly contain their excitement.

There is a lot of exciting growth happening in our classroom.  As most of you are noticing at home, the children are learning new skills, practicing old ones and trying new behaviors on for size.  We have been observing a few trends during the kids free play time.  The children are beginning to play together more and more.  It may start with building Legos as a group and before you know it, two kids are stuffing Legos into purses and are then off to create a new game.  As language increases, so do our conversations.  Currently, there is a ton of labeling going on.  That may look like saying names, identifying parts of the room, or a running explanation of who’s doing what.  It’s really amazing to watch on a group level.

Please let us know if you start to notice developmental changes at home as well. You are the best observation tool we have.  We can better equip the room as they grow if we have all the info.

Your children are darling.  Parents, you’re doing great too.  As always, please send in any photos of your family at play.


Eli, Julia, and Ronisha

Thanksgiving, Pretend Play, and Building

28 Nov

We have had such an eventful week and a half. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! To celebrate we did turkey hand prints! The children loved having their hands painted and everyone waited so patiently.


This week we introduced finger painting. The Chickadees loved it so much! Some children started with just a finger, while others excitedly used there whole hand. By the end everyone agreed that finger painting is messy but fun!


We have a class full of builders. Whether it be pegs, magnet tiles, wood blocks or even sand the Chickadees are architects in the making.


My Gym with Moreh Ryan is always a hit. This past week Moreh Ryan brought a bubble machine, and since one of our favorite things is bubbles it was quite the spectacle.


Imagination abounds in the class, and dramatic play is a daily highlight be it dressing up, playing with babies or playing in the kitchen and making meals together. More and more we are seeing the shift from parallel to cooperative play and friendships grow.



November 14th – 22nd

27 Nov

Fun in the Classroom

Space Unit

This week, using our imagination, we took a spaceship ride to space!  We talked about some of the things we would need to go up into space, such as space suits.  We had a very bumpy ride into space, but once we were orbiting the Earth it was much smoother and we were able to take our seat belts off and move around.  We talked about why we floated in space and some of the things that need to be done in order to make sure we stay safe while floating around.  They remembered from the Robins class that you need to use a seat belt when using the bathroom!  While we were on our Space adventure we saw the moon, planets, the craters on the moon, other Spaceships, Meteorites, shooting stars and Aliens. When we had safely landed the children helped recreate what we had seen by making a class mural.


This week we introduced to the children how to interrupt politely.  If the children need help from us, they need to walk over to where we are, not call out across the classroom.  If we are helping another child they follow these steps:

  1. Put a hand on our hip or shoulder.
  2. We put our hand over their  hand to let them know we know they need help, but will finish what we are doing first before we speak to them
  3. The child waits patiently with their hands behind their back
  4. When we are ready to help them we thank them for waiting patiently and address their needs

Ask the children to teach you this new process, and maybe you could also use it at home!

Judaic Studies

Creation Celebration

To celebrate the Days of Creation, and to reinforce the things that Hashem created, we had a little party.  We ate  snacks that represented all the days of the Creation on our special place mats we had made especially for the occasion.  We also sang the songs we had learned.

Noah’s Ark

Last week we began the Parsha Noah.  Morah Chani told the children the story of Noah and taught us vocabulary. They discussed how the ark was divided into three levels; the bottom for trash, the middle for animals, and the top for people.

One day, when Morah Chani was absent, we had a special guest come into the class.  Morah Gail came in and acted out the story of Noah using props, we even got ‘rained’ on!

We will continue learning about and doing fun activities related to Parsha Noah after Thanksgiving.

Chalav U Dvash

Morah Chani started Chalav u Dvash with Bentzi.  She was very excited to share items she had received in a package from Israel.  As an introduction she read the book “A Tale of Five Ballons” and introduced the Hebrew Vocabulary for colors.


Shabbat Party

Thank-you to Nina’s family for hosting our Shabbat party this week.  We enjoyed Grapes and cupcakes, followed by a very silly book Nina picked-“The Book with No Pictures”.

Bentzi – Dahlia

Last week Bentzi enjoyed adventures with Dahlia and her family.  They got to play with Ruti and Shmuel, see a bunny show and pet bunnies.  He did not leave Dahlia’s side all week.  He helped her with math,  and got to cuddle and sleep with her at night!

Bentzi – Nina

Bentzi had a great time with Nina.  Even before they got home they were having adventures at the playground and played with lots of toys. He also watched Nina’s Ballet class, played games, ate dinner.  Bentzi was really helpful getting ready for school until he stole Nina’s shoes!

Story Drama

Due to a missed class we had two Story Drama sessions in one week. Our first problem of the week was how to keep the rabbits from eating his all the vegetables in Mr. McGreely’s garden, from the book “Muncha, Muncha, Muncha!”.  After building many things to keep the Rabbits out, including an enormous wall the solution was to share his crop with the Rabbits.

The next problem we had was Monkeys stealing caps inspired by the book “Caps for Sale”.  The children enjoyed using their imagination to create different hats, carefully walk with many hats on their heads and being silly monkeys stealing hats.

Mr. Healy

Mr. Healy introduced the feelings happy, sad, surprised and scared.  We looked at pictures of children demonstrating these feelings and he asked; “How do we know someone is feeling a certain way?”,  “What does their face look like?”,  “What parts of the face are clues that he/she feels sad (scared, happy or surprised)?”.  We also discussed what things make a person feel these ways and asked about a time when they felt these feelings.  We also practiced making faces to go along with these feelings.

Continuing Mr. Healy’s lessons we  read “My Many Colored Days” and talked about how we feel on different days.  We then drew happy, sad, surprised and scared faces and painted them the colors that represented these feelings to them.  The children will get to share their pictures with the class and we will look at the similarities and differences to the colors children chose for their feelings .  We will continue to build on Mr. healy’s lessons in the coming weeks.


This week we noticed a pattern emerging in the words that were being introduced with the art projects we have been doing over the last month.  The children have created art with relation to Bees, where we learned the word Thorax, then we created pictures based on the book “The Lorax” where we created Truffalo trees and the little creatures called Hyrax. Thorax  Lorax and Hyrax all rhyme!    This week we continued on the rhyming theme making coat racks inspired by the book “Josephs Little Overcoat”


October 31st – November 11th

11 Nov

Fun in the Classroom

This week we introduced new activities in the classroom.  The children have enjoyed, sewing, gak, drawing on the white board, pouring and scooping.  All these activities help develop the children’s fine motor skills, but we also noticed that turn taking and patience were all practiced during these activities.  Because these activities were new, all the children wanted a turn to try them out.  The had to learn to wait patiently until someone was finished.  We observed that the children were having difficulty recognizing that other children were waiting for a turn.  We had a class discussion and the children then had a better understanding that firstly if you want a turn with something you need to ask the other child, so they know you want a turn.  Secondly, if you are playing with something and a friend asks for a turn, you should play with it for a short time and then give your friend a turn.  Since we discussed this we have observed the children being very good at giving their friends turns both inside the classroom and with toys on the playground.


We continued to track the phases of the moon all through October and the children have been eager to show us different moon phases they have bitten into their food, or cut with paper!  They have also been seeking further information on the moon.  This week some children began a moon journal.  They will use our classroom calendar to draw a picture of the moon phase for each day and track how it changes throughout the month.  Following the children’s interest, we are going to begin a unit on the moon and space. In preparation for the unit, we asked the children what they already know about the moon and space.  The children knew a lot of facts about space including; the littlest planet is far away, planets have moons and the moon is round.  We also asked them what they want to know about the moon and space.  These questions and their responses will help us create a curriculum that is meaningful and exciting to the children.

Judaic Studies

Morah Chani continued her discussion of Creation.  She read from the books “The Seven Days of Creation” and “In the Beginning”.  We learned the Hebrew language for a mess, Light, dark, sky, water, trees, plants, grass, sun, moon, stars, fish, birds, people and animals.  To help us remember what Hashem created each day, we sang the song “Hashem Created..” which is sung  to the  tune of “Where is Thumbkin?”.

“Hashem created, Hashem created

Light and dark, Light and dark

That was on the first day, that was on the first day,

All was good all was good!”    Ask your child to teach you the rest of the song.

Shabbat Party – November 4th.

Thank-you for Bina’s family for providing delicious treats and celebrating Shabbat with us this week.


Benzi had a fun time with Bina and her family this week. They went to the zoo and saw Gibbons and sleeping Polar bears, ate Challah bread and, as a very special treat, got to eat dinner on the couch!

Shabbat Party – November 11th

Today our Shabbat party was hosted by Dahlia’s family.  Thanks for the delicious Oreo’s and Apples!

Story Drama

This week, Story Drama continued after a break for the holidays.  The problem this week was that Morah Anne Marie could not go to sleep!  The children tried giving her snacks , reading stories and getting a blankie to help her sleep.  Eventually we were able to get her to sleep.  She read the book: “Beep, Beep. Got to Sleep”, which is a story about little robots having trouble getting their little boy to sleep.  when they eventually do get him to sleep they play very quietly for the rest of the night, because of course,  Robots do not need to sleep!.

Mr. Healy

Mr. Healy continued to talk with the children about how we use self-talk to help us with every day things such as cleaning up.  The children were encouraged to make up songs for the things they are doing to help keep them on track.  He also practiced with the children how to ask for something we want or need in a respectful way.  The children were encouraged to ask for something using a strong voice, while making eye contact.  The phrase we will be using to help the children remember this is: “please ask in a strong, respectful way”.   The children got to role play with each other and practice using strong and respectful voices to ask for help or something they need.






Science and Art

4 Nov

Our first full week of school since the Holidays was a mixture of rain and sunshine, hugs and kisses, science and art.

We first explored how painting with feathers differed from painting with brushes. The Chickadees quickly realized that painting with feathers is much more delicate work. They each held the feathers gently while making wispy strokes to the page.

Once the rain stopped we went out to look for our next paintbrushes. We collected leafs, and branches and found that painting with them was a precise job. Some children found that painting with sticks was a little more challenging than a brush, but it was still a lot of fun!


Something that has had the Chickadees devotion this week has been water beads. First, we put the tiny beads in water then we watched as they grew bigger and bigger. We touched them as they grew and now we find the texture to be squishy and wet. We love putting our hands in them, squeezing them until they break, seeing the beads bounce and filling as many containers as possible. A big thanks to the mom who brought them in!


We are such a fun class who absolutely adore one another and are quickly becoming a class full of characters.

Fall in the Hummingbirds

3 Nov

Hello Hummingbird Families. We hope you enjoy all of the wonderful moments we were able to capture and share with you.

Each morning we like to begin with a group activity as well as let the children discover the classroom.  They may start out at the art project and then investigate their favorite toy. Often, the children like us to color or BINGO paint with them.


So far we have used canvas, cardboard, and thick paper.  All of these mediums allow the children to see how the crayons and markers can look and feel different.  You may notice a few children gluing some shapes.  This was a very popular project, lasting almost 20 minutes!!

Hummingbirds love outdoor play and especially dipping, sitting and sometimes attempting to drink the puddles.  The best part of rainy day recess has to be changing their clothes when we come inside.  Have you ever seen several toddlers running around in their diapers? Well, its darn cute.


The children are beginning to process how their feet fit on pedals, it’s better to climb up the play structure holding on, the slide can be fast or slow, and many new revelations.  They are very intrigued by the falling leaves and the natural world we can see from looking into the forest.  We pretend to see animals and make their sounds.


We continue to have a great time in my gym with Morah Ryan! The kids have so much fun playing with the toys he sets out, finding their way through mazes he builds for them, and trying new activities that help with balance and fine motor control.

Celebrating the holidays with the kids has been so wonderful. We have made apple prints, had snack in the Sukkah, pretended to blow the shofar by making one out of our hands, and learned to shake the lulav and etrog. Shabbat sing a long and singing with mini torahs are always a great time in the Hummingbird class.