October 17th – 28th

31 Oct

Fun in the classroom

With the Lemon and the Etrog looking so similar, we wanted to explore them further to see what the similarities and differences there were once we cut into them. We encouraged the children to  observe the outside and compare the two.  The children noticed that the lemon was smooth with a bump on the top and the Etrog was bumpy and had what looked like a stem at the top and the bottom.  Once we cut the fruits the children noticed that the Etrog had thicker skin with more white and had many more seeds than the lemon.  We then tasted the two. The children thought that the lemon was very sour and juicy, but the Etrog tasted bitter. We introduced the Eagles to the Venn Diagram, used for comparing and contrasting!

Moreh Eli has been kind enough to make Challah dough for us every Friday. To thank him for this Chesed we made a card for him.



Judaic Studies


We were able to eat lunch in the sukkah on one day when the weather cooperated!

Building a sukkah using classroom and natural materials.

Morah Chani introduced the children the meaning of the Lulav  and the Etrog She showed them how the Lulav is held to bless the Sukkah.  The children took turns holding the Lulav and shaking it right, left and all around.

Simchat Torah

Morah Chani showed the children how to very carefully handle the Torah, and reminded them that we do not touch it with our fingers, but use a Yad to follow the text.  We also discussed that the Holiday Simchat Torah is a time when we finish reading the Torah and begin reading again.  The children also created their own individual flags in recognition of the Holiday.


Morah Chani began teaching the class about Creation. They learned that first there was just a big mess. Then Hashem created light and dark. Next, she taught the class that Hashem created water and sky. Along with the story, Morah Chani is introducing the Hebrew vocabulary connected to each day of Creation. The students are taking turns making Creation posters for each day, and we will share pictures of them soon.


Shabbat Party

This week’s shabbat party was hosted by the Aaronson family. We enjoyed cookies, cucumber, and challah. The black/white cookies were a perfect treat, as we were just discussing Hashem’s creation of light and dark.


Morah Jan is reading The Lorax to the Eagles. They used paper, scissors, and glue to create truffala tree collages. Although they were all given the same instructions, each piece of art is unique to each child.


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