Celebrating Sukkot

21 Oct

This month has raced by with all the short weeks at school, but we have had a lot of fun celebrating Sukkot in our class. Last week we explored a pomegranate and painted with the seeds, popping the seeds to make the red dye. The children really got into it. We have also really enjoyed our playground Sukkah and today had snack in it with the Hummingbirds. It was a very special time.

This week we explored a pumpkin and did pumpkin inspired painting. The pumpkin wasn’t good inside, so we didn’t play with the guts as we planned, but the seeds had started sprouting little seedlings inside the pumpkin, so everyone was really interested in that, and we put the seeds in a bag with a wet paper towel to see if they will keep germinating in the light of day.


My Gym is always a hit. Moreh Ryan brings great activities and a contagious energy that has the children trying new things and challenging themselves. This week balancing was a great hit, and everyone was so brave to try it, many without even holding a helping hand.

Singalong on Fridays is a favorite time of the week, but music goes so beyond Friday mornings and has become a staple of daily classroom life. With a teacher or with a friend, the children lead singalongs going through Shabbat songs, circle songs, songs from home and even songs they make up together. The obvious joy makes it a very special time.


Wednesday was so beautiful we took advantage of the weather to explore Fall on the back field. We picked up leaves and threw them, reached for the branches, explored the tree trunk and bushes, played ring around the rosy and had a great time seeing and hearing all there was to see. Nature makes a great classroom, and the children loved it.

Each day in class or on the playground, friendships are nurtured and grow. From fine motor skills like snipping with scissors and building with blocks to dramatic play in the kitchen or dress up box, the children are growing in confidence and ability. It has been a fun and busy holiday season and we look forward to all the coming weeks will hold and the friendships and learning that will continue to grow and flourish.

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