October 10th – 14th

14 Oct

Fun in the Classroom

Socio-emotional learning

Mr. Healy came in for his second socio-emotional lesson this week.  For his first lesson he introduced the children to the concept of being a good listener, starting with how to ready yourself to sit and learn during circle time.  He taught us the following song: “Eyes are watching, ears are listening, mouths are quiet, bodies calm.   This is how we listen, this is how we use our brain.”  Ask your child to sing the song for you!  In his second lesson he introduced the concept of self-talk.  This is an important concept to learn, as it helps us stay on task and focused on what we are doing.  Because Mr. Healy is only with us once a week, we follow all the lessons he introduces with supporting lessons to ensure the children understand and benefit from the concept introduced.


Meet Charlie!

In addition to the socio-emotional lessons introduced by Mr. Healy , we will also be working with the children in specific areas of socio-emotional growth that we observe is needed.  Something we have been noticing recently is that the children are struggling to understand that their words can be very powerful.  Expressing frustration with words like “I’m not your friend anymore.”, “You can’t come to my birthday party.”, or “You can’t play with us.”, can be very hurtful to others.  In order to make this concept more concrete for the children we introduced Charlie.  For this lesson, we cut a paper person out, whom we named Charlie.  We encouraged the children to say unkind things to Charlie they had heard others say that had hurt their feelings.  Each time unkind things were said to Charlie we crumpled up the paper.  By the end of the lesson, Charlie was completely crumpled and did not look happy at all!  We tried to make Charlie feel better by saying kind things.  He began to straighten out as kind and supportive words were said to him.  But, one thing we realized at the end, was that even though Charlie was mostly straightened out, the paper was still crinkled.  Our goal with this lesson was to have the children understand that our words have a lasting affect on our friends and, referring to the self-talk lesson from Mr. Healy, that at times you may feel frustrated and say things you don’t mean, but it’s better to keep those comments to yourself, or to take a moment to think of more appropriate words to use.

“Building Kindness-Chesed”

Last week we introduced the students to our Wall of Kindness and taught them about the Hebrew word Chesed. Anytime we see or hear students saying kind words to one another, or independently doing acts of kindness, we celebrate each observation with the class and write it down on a “brick” to build our Kindness Wall.


Yom Kippur

Mr. Healy’s lessons, our “Building Kindness” Wall, and our “Charlie” lesson have all been part of our conversations around the meaning of Yom Kippur. We’ve discussed how the start of a new year is a time to reflect upon the choices we made and things we said during the past year and how we might do things differently in the year to come. While the High Holiday of Yom Kippur has come and gone, our conversations about being kind with our words and actions will certainly continue, and we look forward to building our Wall of Kindness bigger and bigger, with all of the wonderful chesed we observe each day.

Bentzi Adventures

Bentzi enjoyed spending the weekend with Ruti last week.  The had some fun adventures including a trip to Costco, Ruti’s mom’s school and sitting in the family Sukkot.





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