September 26th – October 7th

9 Oct

Fun in the classroom

With so much talk about Apples this time of year we decided to do some apple tasting, to see which apples we liked the best.  First we looked, touched and felt the apples and discussed their similarities and differences.  Before we began the tasting we had the children think about what apple they would like the most.   It was interesting how most of the children guessed they would like one of the two apples with the name “delicious” in them – the power of words!  As the children tasted the apples we had them describe how they tasted, it was wonderful to hear such descriptive language from the children.  The described the apples as; squishy, yummy, sour, sweet, delicious and mushy.  After the tasting was done we then asked the children to vote what their favorite apples were and we tallied the results as a chart.  Red Delicious and Fuji apples were tied as winners.  Golden Delicious, which was one of the most popular ones that the children guessed they would like, only had one vote!

The children continued to share their family books this week

Lunar Study

In the month of October, with the holidays connected to the cycle of the moon, we began tracking the moon phases on our calendar and learning the names of the phases.  As the month progresses we will see that, just like a whole year,  the moon is also a cycle that keeps continuously going around.  We are learning the moon phases; New Moon, Waxing Crescent,Gibbous Quarter Moon (or half moon),Full Mon, Waning Gibbous and Waning Crescent.

Playground Fun

Happy Birthday to Ruti!

We celebrated our first birthday in the Eagles class today.  Thank-you for Ruti and her family for celebrating Ruti’s Birthday with us


Judaic Studies

This week the children worked hard to complete greeting cards, honey jars and make Honey cake to Rosh Hashanah.  The children helped write greetings in the cards and we took a walk to the mail box to mail them.

September 30th: This week our Shabbat helper was Shmuel.  Thank-you to the Rapoport family for participating in our Shabbat part this week

Introduction to Sukkot

Morah Chani introduced the children to the meaning of Sukkot and the rules of building a Sukkot.  We began making Bruchim Habaim signs to place in our Sukkot.

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