Sweet New Hummingbirds

6 Oct

Hello Hummingbird Families! L’Shanah Tova!

We hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Rosh Hashanah with your loved ones.

Our first blog post is here, just in time to begin the New Year! We will post weekly blogs from now on and would love your feedback, questions and ideas. All three of us have taken so many pictures since the beginning of school so there are a lot of extra photos on this first post. We hope you enjoy, let the blogging begin!

Eli, Julia, and Ronisha

Below, are amazing examples of your children playing together in a variety of ways.  Most likely, at this stage of child development, the kids are utilizing Parallel Play, a concept used to describe two hummingbirds playing next to each other.  The next stage we will be looking for, and in some cases is in our classroom at times is called Cooperative Play, where the children interact and share common toys.

Similarly, building predictable, stable, and loving relationships starts with trust and authentic care.  We take every opportunity to bond with these lovable Hummingbirds to demonstrate this to them.  Our main goal throughout our days together is to foster strong social/emotional care with the children and between each friend interplay.

Rain or shine, we love our outside time!

What do you have to eat today?

We love talking to the kids about what food they have, who has the same, and of course how much they are enjoying it!

The hummingbirds love music, they especially love this big drum!

How many different noises can we make?

Whether it’s just down the hallway or taking a stroll outside in our “bye-bye buggy,” the hummingbirds are always up for a walk!

We love to explore in the classroom! There are so many wonderful toys and friends to play with. Who is here today? How many different shapes and colors do you see?

Wow do we love My Gym and Library!

We are so lucky to have Moreh Ryan come teach us how to tumble! After our first class with Ryan it was clear to him that we needed more play time so he began bringing in extra toys for the kids to play with. The kids are loving it and we are so appreciative of Ryan for recognizing the children’s needs and adjusting his original plan. He also does a puppet show every week to end the class!

Morah Stella reads us wonderful books and we get to pick our own books out to bring to the classroom.

It’s circle time! What songs should we sing today? We love when the hummingbirds tell us what they want to sing. We are learning new songs every day and we have a big list of favorites already. Twinkle Twinkle little star, Old Macdonald, Wheels on the bus, and singing to our clothing are just a few that we love!

Let’s do Art!

The Hummingbirds love all kinds of art! Dot markers, crayons, stickers, and more! What should we make today? What other types of art can we do?

A sweet new year is ahead of us.  The Hummingbirds began celebrating in many different ways. We did a taste test of red, green, and yellow apples. Did they taste different? What was your favorite? We loved decorating crowns with apple, honey, pomegranate, and Shofar stickers. We hope our families enjoyed their cards from us too!

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