September 19th – 23rd 2016

23 Sep

Fun in the Classroom

This week we added beans to the Sensory Bin.  The children enjoyed making ‘Ice Cream’ and discovering letters hidden in the beans.  Playing with beans can sometimes create a mess, luckily with a bit of team work, they get cleaned up quickly!

We introduced the children to the Writing Center.  We discussed all the different ways that children write in our class (scribbling, scribble writing, individual letters and small words). The children can ‘write’ notes to family members, make booklets, draw pictures or make greeting cards to family and friends for the holidays.

This week the children began sharing their Family Books.  They very much enjoy sitting in the ‘teacher chair’ sharing their books and answering questions.  We will continue to have the children share their books until everyone has had a turn.


In collaboration with Morah Chani’s Rosh Hashana study we drew apples.  We looked at Still Life painting of Apples done by artists and then tried some ourselves.  The children carefully drew the apples that they saw on the table.

Judaic Studies

This week we began preparing for Rosh Hashana.  Morah Chani asked the children what they already know about the holiday.  The children shared that they; dip apples in honey, go apple picking, light candles, say Brachas and blow the Shofar.  Morah Chani taught us the different notes of the Shofar and we got to practice the notes by  blowing our pretend Shofars.  The children were very good at stopping their notes when we gave the signal! We were lucky to have a special guest, Morah Gail, visit the class.  She showed us how to blow the Shofar and the children got a chance to try blowing it themselves! (We cleaned the shofar before each blow!) We also discussed the symbolism of eating round apples and Challah for Rosh Hashana and we practiced making round Challah with playdough.  The children began making their New Years cards to send to families.  Next week we will be mailing them.  If you have not already done so, please send in two addresses of people you would like your child to send a card to.

Thank-you to Eden’s family for being our Shabbat Helpers this week!


This week in Art Morah Jan worked with the children to paint Sunflowers.  She introduced the children to the work of Vincent Van Gogh and had them notice the bight colors he used.  As with the still life apple painting the children did earlier in the week, the children did a great job looking at and painting the details of the Sunflowers.

My Gym

Lots of fun and action in My Gym this week! After moving and stretching their bodies with Moreh Ryan, the children got to meet his very silly owl and turtle puppets. They used small footballs to practice strength and balance and then got to throw footballs as hard as they could!

Story Drama

This weeks “Big Problem” was that a Dog named George did not say “arf”, but “Oink, Moo and Meow”!  From the Book “Bark George!” the children came up with ideas as to how to get the animal noises out of George.  Some of their solutions were to give him medicine, scare him and they even came up with the correct solution themselves – take the animals out of George.  In the book the Vet puts on his Latex gloves and pulls out a variety of farm animals. Once all the animals are finally out, and you think George will bark, he says “Hello”. Oh no! Did he swallow a person?



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