Another Great Week!

23 Sep

Wow! This has been such a busy week! We painted with green, red and yellow to represent different colors of apples, and with purple and pink and white to explore mixing colors. Painting is always a hit and the children inspire each others creativity!

We made another batch of playdoh and whether hammering, rolling or breaking it into little pieces, playdoh inspires exploration and discovery and the development of fine motor skills.

My Gym was super fun as well, and the children were so excited when they realized we got to go again. Moreh Ryan makes everyone excited to try new things, and even from last week to this it was impressive to see the growth in skills.

With the good weather, we have had lots of fun outside

We are getting very excited for Rosh Hoshannah, and the other day Morah Gail came and blew the shofar with us, explaining how the shofar is a rams horn and what it signifies. She also brought a honeycomb to show the children where honey comes from, and they were excited to look at it, feel it and smell it.

Books are a daily highlight, and we have been very into making music with the box of instruments lately. Whether with a Morah or with a friend, the children are happy to play along while they sing their favorite songs. Finally, picture day was a big success, and a big thanks to the mom’s who volunteered and helped that day.

The class has come so far from those first teary days of school, and already there is such ownership of the classroom and so many budding and rekindled friendships. We are excited to see these continue to grow and flourish along with the children’s learning and discovery.

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