September 5th – 16th

16 Sep

Fun in the classroom!

The children used pencils, sharpies and liquid water colors to create self portraits. They used mirrors to explore all the parts of their faces, making sure not to leave out important details such as eyebrows!  These self portraits will hang from the ceiling as a reminder that we are all important members of our classroom family.


This Magnatile creation began as a garage for some cars to an elaborate castle complete with spikes on the outside to keep everyone on the inside safe.  It was fascinating to watch as the structure morphed from one thing to another as different children joined in adding their ideas.

Judaic Studies

Bentzi spent his first weekend away last week and he had many exciting stories to tell.  He went on a Bouncy House, ate  cotton Candy and went to the library.



This week Mr. A, the P.E. teacher introduced us to the climbing wall in the gym.  We learned that we could not go any higher than the blue wavy line, we climb horizontally and when we reach the sunshine drawn in the middle of the wall, we get down and walk back to the start.  The children all took turns showing their skills in climbing, most of them realized how much strength they need for climbing!  Climbing on the wall develops balance, coordination and strengthens the hands ready for writing.

Story Drama

This week the children had a very BIG problem to solve.  King Bidgood was in the bath and he wouldn’t get out!  Based on the book “King Bidgood’s in the Bath Tub and He Won’t Get Out!” by Audrey Wood, the children had to solve the problem of how to get the king out of the tub.  Some of their ideas were to fill the tub up with jello, to pull him out, and to all get in the tub with him.  They enjoyed acting out their ideas.  After reading the book the problem was solved – pull out the plug!

My Gym

The Eagles had lots of organized fun with their funny and energetic My Gym teacher.


This week Morah Jan took the children on a hunt for spider webs.  We walked around the school grounds and found many spiders!  The children sketched the spiders in their webs and listen to the story “The Very Busy Spider”.


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