My Gym and Painting

16 Sep

This week has been a very busy one full of excitement! We had our first My Gym with Moreh Ryan, he was so much fun and so energetic. He brought a little obstacle course where we had to crawl through tunnels and run back to our seats. He then brought out beanbags and we worked on balancing the bags on our heads, elbows and even between our knees. It was so much fun we can’t wait until next week to see what fun things are in store!


Not only was this the first week of My Gym, but we also painted for the very first time. We used orange, red and yellow on brown paper for the colors of Fall.



On top of our fun new experiences we did so much imaginative play. We dressed up, played doctor and just had so much fun!



You might not think that all of the Chickadees can fit into the sandbox but we can!


We are starting to get excited for Rosh Hoshanah and have been practicing blowing imaginary shofars, as well as dramatically acting out being bees in circle time in anticipation of eating apples and honey for a sweet new year. Yum!

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