9 Sep

This week has been such a fun great week for the Chickadees. We are really settling into the routine and love school so much! This week we made orange play dough, we watched as Morah Nicola mixed it, and then we each got some to knead ourselves. We used our fingers or tools to make all different shapes.

This week we have also been growing our confidence and skills on the playground. Bubbles and bikes are daily hits.

On Tuesday we had our first library with Morah Stella, and books are popular in the classroom as well.

Music is a part of each day, from circle to spontaneous sing and dance parties to Shabbat sing along on Fridays where Moreh David keeps us singing all our favorite Shabbat songs.


In the classroom our days are filled with art, puzzles, dramatic play, building with blocks and putting cars and animals down the ramps. With each day the children are growing more confident and comfortable in the classroom, and it has been such a joy getting to know each of them, and we are excited to be part of their growing and learning this year.




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