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Apples and sunshine

30 Sep

This week has been so much fun!

We have been excited for Rosh Hashanah and Wednesday ate apples and honey for a sweet new year. We also painted with apples, and made a painting with apples. The group painting was pretty awesome!

My Gym has easily become a weekly highlight, and Moreh Ryan keeps the children laughing and trying new things. This week he brought a parachute full of blocks, and had the children doing somersaults.

We took advantage of this weeks great fall weather to spend as much time outside as we could. On Monday we went for our first class walk out of the parking lot and up the dead end street on 18th to Galer. We smelled the flowers, saw a squirrel and some birds and several spider webs, and everyone did a great job of being safe and holding onto the walking string. Meanwhile, on the playground whether balancing or biking, climbing or playing in the sandbox, the children have so much fun and we can see friendships growing and flourishing.

In the class we see friendships growing too. Playing pretend is natural, and whether its dressing up, playing music together, building, doing puzzles, or practicing cutting with scissors, each day is full of activity and learning and fun and laughter.

September 19th – 23rd 2016

23 Sep

Fun in the Classroom

This week we added beans to the Sensory Bin.  The children enjoyed making ‘Ice Cream’ and discovering letters hidden in the beans.  Playing with beans can sometimes create a mess, luckily with a bit of team work, they get cleaned up quickly!

We introduced the children to the Writing Center.  We discussed all the different ways that children write in our class (scribbling, scribble writing, individual letters and small words). The children can ‘write’ notes to family members, make booklets, draw pictures or make greeting cards to family and friends for the holidays.

This week the children began sharing their Family Books.  They very much enjoy sitting in the ‘teacher chair’ sharing their books and answering questions.  We will continue to have the children share their books until everyone has had a turn.


In collaboration with Morah Chani’s Rosh Hashana study we drew apples.  We looked at Still Life painting of Apples done by artists and then tried some ourselves.  The children carefully drew the apples that they saw on the table.

Judaic Studies

This week we began preparing for Rosh Hashana.  Morah Chani asked the children what they already know about the holiday.  The children shared that they; dip apples in honey, go apple picking, light candles, say Brachas and blow the Shofar.  Morah Chani taught us the different notes of the Shofar and we got to practice the notes by  blowing our pretend Shofars.  The children were very good at stopping their notes when we gave the signal! We were lucky to have a special guest, Morah Gail, visit the class.  She showed us how to blow the Shofar and the children got a chance to try blowing it themselves! (We cleaned the shofar before each blow!) We also discussed the symbolism of eating round apples and Challah for Rosh Hashana and we practiced making round Challah with playdough.  The children began making their New Years cards to send to families.  Next week we will be mailing them.  If you have not already done so, please send in two addresses of people you would like your child to send a card to.

Thank-you to Eden’s family for being our Shabbat Helpers this week!


This week in Art Morah Jan worked with the children to paint Sunflowers.  She introduced the children to the work of Vincent Van Gogh and had them notice the bight colors he used.  As with the still life apple painting the children did earlier in the week, the children did a great job looking at and painting the details of the Sunflowers.

My Gym

Lots of fun and action in My Gym this week! After moving and stretching their bodies with Moreh Ryan, the children got to meet his very silly owl and turtle puppets. They used small footballs to practice strength and balance and then got to throw footballs as hard as they could!

Story Drama

This weeks “Big Problem” was that a Dog named George did not say “arf”, but “Oink, Moo and Meow”!  From the Book “Bark George!” the children came up with ideas as to how to get the animal noises out of George.  Some of their solutions were to give him medicine, scare him and they even came up with the correct solution themselves – take the animals out of George.  In the book the Vet puts on his Latex gloves and pulls out a variety of farm animals. Once all the animals are finally out, and you think George will bark, he says “Hello”. Oh no! Did he swallow a person?



Another Great Week!

23 Sep

Wow! This has been such a busy week! We painted with green, red and yellow to represent different colors of apples, and with purple and pink and white to explore mixing colors. Painting is always a hit and the children inspire each others creativity!

We made another batch of playdoh and whether hammering, rolling or breaking it into little pieces, playdoh inspires exploration and discovery and the development of fine motor skills.

My Gym was super fun as well, and the children were so excited when they realized we got to go again. Moreh Ryan makes everyone excited to try new things, and even from last week to this it was impressive to see the growth in skills.

With the good weather, we have had lots of fun outside

We are getting very excited for Rosh Hoshannah, and the other day Morah Gail came and blew the shofar with us, explaining how the shofar is a rams horn and what it signifies. She also brought a honeycomb to show the children where honey comes from, and they were excited to look at it, feel it and smell it.

Books are a daily highlight, and we have been very into making music with the box of instruments lately. Whether with a Morah or with a friend, the children are happy to play along while they sing their favorite songs. Finally, picture day was a big success, and a big thanks to the mom’s who volunteered and helped that day.

The class has come so far from those first teary days of school, and already there is such ownership of the classroom and so many budding and rekindled friendships. We are excited to see these continue to grow and flourish along with the children’s learning and discovery.

September 5th – 16th

16 Sep

Fun in the classroom!

The children used pencils, sharpies and liquid water colors to create self portraits. They used mirrors to explore all the parts of their faces, making sure not to leave out important details such as eyebrows!  These self portraits will hang from the ceiling as a reminder that we are all important members of our classroom family.


This Magnatile creation began as a garage for some cars to an elaborate castle complete with spikes on the outside to keep everyone on the inside safe.  It was fascinating to watch as the structure morphed from one thing to another as different children joined in adding their ideas.

Judaic Studies

Bentzi spent his first weekend away last week and he had many exciting stories to tell.  He went on a Bouncy House, ate  cotton Candy and went to the library.



This week Mr. A, the P.E. teacher introduced us to the climbing wall in the gym.  We learned that we could not go any higher than the blue wavy line, we climb horizontally and when we reach the sunshine drawn in the middle of the wall, we get down and walk back to the start.  The children all took turns showing their skills in climbing, most of them realized how much strength they need for climbing!  Climbing on the wall develops balance, coordination and strengthens the hands ready for writing.

Story Drama

This week the children had a very BIG problem to solve.  King Bidgood was in the bath and he wouldn’t get out!  Based on the book “King Bidgood’s in the Bath Tub and He Won’t Get Out!” by Audrey Wood, the children had to solve the problem of how to get the king out of the tub.  Some of their ideas were to fill the tub up with jello, to pull him out, and to all get in the tub with him.  They enjoyed acting out their ideas.  After reading the book the problem was solved – pull out the plug!

My Gym

The Eagles had lots of organized fun with their funny and energetic My Gym teacher.


This week Morah Jan took the children on a hunt for spider webs.  We walked around the school grounds and found many spiders!  The children sketched the spiders in their webs and listen to the story “The Very Busy Spider”.


My Gym and Painting

16 Sep

This week has been a very busy one full of excitement! We had our first My Gym with Moreh Ryan, he was so much fun and so energetic. He brought a little obstacle course where we had to crawl through tunnels and run back to our seats. He then brought out beanbags and we worked on balancing the bags on our heads, elbows and even between our knees. It was so much fun we can’t wait until next week to see what fun things are in store!


Not only was this the first week of My Gym, but we also painted for the very first time. We used orange, red and yellow on brown paper for the colors of Fall.



On top of our fun new experiences we did so much imaginative play. We dressed up, played doctor and just had so much fun!



You might not think that all of the Chickadees can fit into the sandbox but we can!


We are starting to get excited for Rosh Hoshanah and have been practicing blowing imaginary shofars, as well as dramatically acting out being bees in circle time in anticipation of eating apples and honey for a sweet new year. Yum!

9 Sep

This week has been such a fun great week for the Chickadees. We are really settling into the routine and love school so much! This week we made orange play dough, we watched as Morah Nicola mixed it, and then we each got some to knead ourselves. We used our fingers or tools to make all different shapes.

This week we have also been growing our confidence and skills on the playground. Bubbles and bikes are daily hits.

On Tuesday we had our first library with Morah Stella, and books are popular in the classroom as well.

Music is a part of each day, from circle to spontaneous sing and dance parties to Shabbat sing along on Fridays where Moreh David keeps us singing all our favorite Shabbat songs.


In the classroom our days are filled with art, puzzles, dramatic play, building with blocks and putting cars and animals down the ramps. With each day the children are growing more confident and comfortable in the classroom, and it has been such a joy getting to know each of them, and we are excited to be part of their growing and learning this year.




First Week Of School!

2 Sep


We have had such an amazing week! Not only are we getting to know each other but we are getting to know the routine as well. The Chickadees love being outside!! Our favorite activity is chasing and trying to eat bubbles! We are so excited for school and can’t wait until next week!