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Field Day fun!

27 May

The Lag BaOmer Field Day this week was a great success. A big thanks to all the folks who could come help out. The children all had a blast and did such a good job walking, or riding, to Volunteer Park. We were very thankful the rain held off.

Riding in the new Bye Bye Buggy was a big hit and helped us get all the children safely up to the park. Going uphill was a push, but Morah Aimee took it at a run.

And the playground was lots of fun, from the sandbox full of trucks to the swings and climbers. There also was a bubble station.

And a big thank you to the PTO for the ice cream treats. The children devoured them.

This week there was a lot of nature observation as the children love finding and observing bugs. From the ant nest to the littleĀ potato bugs, the class finds insects mesmerizing.

Dress up has also been a popular activity this week.

And the playground continues to be a place with lots of creativity whether its turning a bench into a train or playing dramatic games of imagination on the climber bridge.

The children have grown so much, as individuals and as a group, and we are excited to see what the last month of school will hold.